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Database Stack Asia endeavours to be one of the top development teams in enterprise Java development. It also aims to be the preferred partner for enterprise Java development projects in the region. Asia is a top and reputable development team in enterprise PHP development. Asia also aspires to be the preferred partner for enterprise PHP development projects in the Philippines.
Sybase, Inc. (Sybase) is an enterprise software and service company exclusively focused on managing and mobilizing information from the data center to the point of action.
ARE WE Asia is one of the enterprise class software development teams and training camps in the Philippines. The company is an ardent follower of the Agile Methodology . Asia firmly adheres to the principles of a test driven development, continuous integration, iterative delivery and customer focused service in software development. Being a proponent of the Agile Software Development, Dijksman has mastered its craft in software development and has been a pioneer in its best practices. It is also one of the leading companies in the country which offers training in Agile Software Development.

Experienced Systems Architects & Engineers, with top class Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Quality Assurance Engineers are at work in the company to ensure that clients are served with the best products and service that the company offer.

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Software Engineering Services

Business Requirements Analysis Services Asia provide comprehensive business analysis sessions to develop Business Required Specifications Document. The documents and diagrams produced by the company follow industry standard and best practices.

Systems Reengineering and Development Asia provide Software Systems Reengineering & Development by recapturing and re-eliciting business requirements and studying the current system. It has also helped organizations with troubled legacy systems by reengineering it into an improved and stable system.

Software Development Services Asia core competency has always been software development. Asia is the preferred software systems development group for its clients in the region. Dijksman has focused in Enterprise PHP, Enterprise Java, and Agile Software Development. With this software development, Dijksman can certainly provide utmost services, giving accurate and precise delivery of client requirements.


Application Implementation Service Asia uses the Agile framework to handle complex business process

models and implement applications.

Openbravo ERP Application
OpenBravo ERP is an integrated, web-based, open source enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that is fully functional which offers a higher value at a lesser cost.
The system is for enterprise businesses who want to implement an ERP to manage their businesses. OpenBravo ERP is a system that is capable of managing daily operations, optimizing business processes, improving customer satisfaction and, ultimately, increasing profits.

OpenBravo POS Application
The OpenBravo Point- of- Sale (POS) is a leading application in the retail business. It is completely and seamlessly integrated with OpenBravo ERP, which can work separately or together with it, depending on the user’s needs. It guarantees a smooth flow of information from the retail floor to the back office without additional costs.


OpenBravo POS is suitable for a wide range of retail-based businesses as it streamlines processes making it faster and more effective. The solution is feature- rich with many robust capabilities and increase employees’ productivity because it is easy to use.


This solution is designed specifically for touch screens and is configurable for any POS environment. It has no vendor lock-in and is very flexible and highly customizable. It will also minimize your investments because It does not have hidden license costs.